AFFINITY, short for ‘Action for Humanity’ was established by the Accounting Student Association of Prasetiya Mulya University to become a platform where people with the same passion can come together to help those in need and grow together as a person through the act of humanity. On December 18th,  2020, AFFINITY was held in the form of an online webinar with the theme “Perfectly Imperfect: Prove Yourself to Yourself”. There were two guest speakers that shared their views and knowledge on topics related to mental health. Through this webinar, ASA Prasetiya Mulya aims to provide useful insights about mental health, specifically about insecurity and anxiety, through sharing sessions from the guest speakers.

AFFINITY 2020 began with the opening remarks of the two MCs, Matthew Giovanni Raharja Sutanto and Vivian Chou. Then, it was followed with an opening speech from Marcella Mega Wibawa as the Chairman of AFFINITY 2020 and Karin Latif as the President of ASA Prasetiya Mulya University.

The event started its first session with the first guest speaker, Fatimah Muthahirah, student counselor of Prasetiya Mulya University. The first session discussed the topic of AFFINITY 2020, which is insecurity and anxiety from the perspective of a psychologist. The event continued with a sharing session with Clara Tan, the top 4 of Asian Next Top Model Cycle 5 and body positivity advocate. This session was moderated by Karin Latif, President of ASA Prasetiya Mulya. During this sharing session, Clara Tan shared her experience of facing insecurities and anxiety, as well as advice for the participants of AFFINITY 2020. There were Q&A sessions at the end of each session, where participants were allowed to ask questions anonymously regarding the topics. The event ended with a photo session.      

ASA Prasetiya Mulya has successfully conducted its first online AFFINITY through this webinar. Although it was conducted online, we hope that the participants were able to gain knowledge and insights about mental health, especially about insecurity and anxiety. As part of its event, AFFINITY open donation to help those in need through, and the funds raised go to support Mekar Lestari Orphanage. Thus, we would like to thank all of the participants, community partners, donators, and guests for the support and contribution of our first fundraising. See you in Affinity 2021!